Dealing with Constant Change

You have probably heard that change is inevitable, and it is part and parcel of life and one should embrace it wholeheartedly. I tell you today that it is easier said than done. Change is always there, even if you can’t see or sense it, it is always lurking around the corner. Just like how the wind gently blows one evening the next day a thunderstorm awaits, causing mass destruction in its path. Change could affect the people, place, circumstances or events around us and could be both positive or negative in nature, but for the purpose of this writing, I will focus on the negatives. I don’t think we have too many issues with the positive changes in our lives at least towards those that are unmistakably positive ones.

Change is a Catalyst

The oxymoronic thing about negative changes is that depending on how you face them, they are actually the catalyst to a positive outcome in the end. To me learning a life lesson is always a positive outcome, because who else but life herself an excellent teacher and I consider it a blessing to be taught by her nonetheless. It is how we tell ourselves to face our fears or these negative changes and turn them into an asset. Abuse, broken relationships, terrible childhood, or just a terrible deck of cards that life has handed you, fret not! It is all up to you and the willpower as well as the courage to tell yourself that these problems are only temporary.

Definition of Catalyst by Merriam-Webster dictionary

1: a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions (as at a lower temperature) than otherwise possible 2: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

Our negative changes are like catalysts. A catalyst allows for the transitioning of one substance or circumstance from one form/state to another. It causes two other separate substances or circumstances to react by its mere entrance into the equation. That is like how negative changes are, we don’t have to look at them hoping they will miraculously change. Rather, we should seek out opportunities we have never thought of seeking thus turning these experiences into lifelong assets. Friends walked out of your life, good! Just came out from a toxic relationship, wonderful! Have a positive mindset regardless, of how despairingly difficult it is to do so. Now, you know what you want in a friend or a partner and can make the necessary changes in yourself such as improving your self-esteem, discovering the things that makes you happy or passionate about etc. then automatically you will attract those that you want around you.

Repel Toxicity

In the midst of all this chaos and dishevel, I urge you to remain at peace with yourself. ” All is well” is the mantra I chant continuously when I am thrown into boiling oil and at that time can’t seem to figure a way out of it. Our sanity and peace of mind are of vital importance because our willpower and strength lie in our mental stamina to brace these storms. Stay away from toxic people or habits that could deter your progress out of that boiling oil. I had in my own personal battles came across friends whom I considered friends for over 15 years, making bets on when I would kill myself. The jokes on them, because as painful and gut-wrenchingly cruel those taunts were, I wouldn’t be the person that I am proud to be standing here today ( well more like sitting here today as I am typing these inner musings on the dining table of my living room) . I am now free from negativity, having swam out of those dire situations and will continue to swim out of those difficult situations that I will face in the unforeseeable future. I tell you , no one can break you unless you allow yourself to be broken.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

One thought on “Dealing with Constant Change

  1. Wir schaffen uns nur Leid, wenn wir festhalten, wenn wir gegen Veränderungen kämpfen, wenn wir sie nicht hinnehmen wollen. Aber wie ist das in der Natur? Ein Fluss kämpft nicht, eine Blume kämpft nicht, ein Wasserfall kämpft nicht und eine Welle auf dem Meer kämpft auch nicht. Alle sind nur ein Teil eines Ganzen, des großen Netzes von Ursachen und Wirkungen.


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