5 Crazy Ways I Show Gratitude

Yes, I bow alot. Like my head lowers and I sometimes clasp my hands together in the similar way you would do so when you say “namaste”. It could be cultural (south asian here), but personally I think it is more of a personal thing because I tend to feel gratitude more strongly and I seem the most comfortable to show it through my body language quite literally.

I love making things be it cookies, cakes, or even dishes such as rice and other side dishes for my friends as a way to show appreciation. I find cooking relaxing and I feel contented thinking of new recipes I could whip out for my friends and seeing them enjoy my food. I personally love making cookies, brownies and cakes for my friends because most of them love sweet things unlike me who prefers savory instead. Nevetheless, watching my friends enjoy my cooking is such a good feeling.

I pay very close attention to my words especially since I am a very shy person . I hardly compliment unless I mean it genuinely and need to say it. For a shy person, whipping out a compliment is easier said than done. Additionally, if I can say it to your face as well as via text, just know, I appreciate you deeply.

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” 
– Henry Ward Beecher

I write poems, yes, I am that one crazy poet friend that you may have that can write a poem about anything or anyone she decides to fix her attention upon. Sometimes, I like to use ryhmes and symbolism to add an air of mystery and elegance over a situation that I am thankful for. Often, I write them and leave them on my friends’ desks, lockers, or even between their books so they will receive a little surprise from time to time.

I love making handmade cards when I am especially thankful. I love festive seasons for this where I can whip out the color papers, cardboards, pens, and buttons and make a handmade card for those I love. I like to invest the time and effort to pick colors, patterns , to craft a poem or two for the card or brush up on some basic origami to add vibrancy to the card. I do love shopping for a gift as well. I will take some hours and will plan meticulously the likes and dislikes of the recipient as well as their tastes, interests, personality while also considering the occasion of the gift giving.

These are some ways I show my gratitude. Some I must admit are eccentric but hey that is just me *winks*. What are some ways you show gratitude, do feel free to share with me! Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “5 Crazy Ways I Show Gratitude

  1. I love making cards for friends as well! I call it a code mush telegram! But also baking. Cookies are my fav To bake for friends because they love my Cookies! To me it is hard to speak my gratitude because I’m shy too and feel too nervous, so saying what I feel in a card or letter is the best way for me to show gratitude.:)

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