Gone For Too Long

To all my wonderful followers and frequent readers of my humble blog, I am sorry. Please accept this bouquet of roses as my apology for being away for far too long.

I apologise.

(Here is a warm free “digital” hug too). It is completely safe especially in these times of Covid.

To give you all a brief idea has to what actually happened that have caused me to cease writing, well here are just some of the reasons why:

  1. Embarked on a tedious internship
  2. Overwhelmed by family matters
  3. Fell remarkably sick – Battling some of the most severe allergies I ever had
  4. University module planning
  5. Worked on myself (Both mind and body)

Granted that point number 5 was one of the best things that happened during the period that I stopped blogging awhile, the rest was too draining and time consuming. My hours burned so fast and I was looking forward to sleeping more than anything to recuperate from the intensity that I was dealing with.

I will probably share more in details with what I have personally learned during my internship and these months that I was busy doing that. I really felt like I have grown much spiritually, emotionally and physically (despite being sick).  I have learned ways to take care of myself better and I will expound into all these intricate details in the upcoming blog posts. Thank you all for your patience and love especially for all those who have written to me asking me when my next post will be (seriously you guys are my biggest motivators). Oh and if this is your first time here, well let me extend a warm welcome ! Feel free to express, share your thoughts and ideas. Let’s bloom and grow together! ❤️

(Cheek – kisses “digital of course”). Again, it is completely safe especially in these times of Covid.

Lots of Love ,

Stephanie ❤️

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