3 Accidental Ways I lost Weight

I bet you-all must be wondering “accidental” ? How can weight loss be accidental. It is ANYTHING but accidental. This woman is bonkers; well, this bit is quite true (*inserts sheepish grin here*). Anyway, during my intense internship, I developed some new habits to cope with the intensity that were purely accidental which have resulted in visible weight loss. I have dropped three pant sizes, my tummy is remarkably less bloated, and I did not gain the weight back. So read on to find out what happened!

Black tea is tea that is more oxidized that your usual green, yellow and oolong teas. It is highly poignant in taste than the majority of teas and they are made from the leaves of a shrub. It is also known as “red tea” in China, where black tea was developed originally. Fun fact: While green tea may lose it flavour after a year, black tea does so several years later hence why they were used as an unofficial form of currency taking the appearance of compressed bricks of tea in Siberia, Tibet, Russia, Mongolia and Turkmenistan since the 9th century. If I got you intrigue about these bricks of tea or if you are a tea connoisseur like me, check out Exotic Teapot. You will not be disappointed with their vast knowledge on tea from taste to history.

Now, this was the first time I made the switch from regular green and yellow tea to black tea and it was purely out of bad luck. I need to drink at least a cup of tea each morning to begin the day. It was one of those gloomy mornings where I ran out of tea, was so busy and could not go anywhere but the nearest market and purchased the dullest looking tea that was ONLY available. Disheartened, I began my black tea journey, slowly getting used to the taste and eventually developing an appreciation for its strong taste that woke me up most definitely in the mornings. I did notice my bloating to be less frequent and my digestion to be much healthier and almost “clean” to be honest. I was basically detoxing everyday in a way. I guess it is no surprised because black tea is jam packed with strong antioxidants which could raise energy levels, boost immunity, cardiovascular health and regulate weight.

Due to the intensity of my internship and the various other responsibilities that I was undertaking during that period of time, I was beyond exhausted. I still am exhausted and in need of a very good break (but I will not digress). However, I found myself needing to wake up earlier to do things before it became afternoon too quick because of the workload and tasks that filled up my schedule to the brim. My poor sleep schedule of sleeping late and waking up late at irregular hours (due to my university timetable over the years) was forced into this regimented sleep schedule of 7 hours beginning at 11pm to 6 am every single day. They say that a habit takes about 30 days to build and I had more than 30 days to develop this, for which I am grateful because sleep is essential for overall health and not only for one’s metabolism.

Additionally, Poor sleep has proven to correlate to a heavier body mass index (BMI) and weight gain , so yes, get those beauty sleep and get them regularly!

I cannot stress the need to eat regularly and not to skip any meals. I also eat really clean, such as adding less salt, oil and sugar (because that has always been my habit) but the accidental habit was eating at a strict timing. Breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12 noon and dinner at 7pm sharp. I had to follow this strict meal schedule because I was so busy, and I was filling up my timetable around these meal timings. Missing a meal literally meant no meal for me at all because yes, I was that busy to grab a meal for another time slot because it was most definitely occupied by a meeting or timing that I needed to travel down to a client etc. Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, I am glad to have developed these strict timings because now I automatically feel hungry at those timings and rarely at any other timings. I eat full meals so there is no need to snack unhealthily and it helps me to have a cleaner diet, better skin and overall temperament. I bet you-all may have heard about the proverb that a hungry man is an angry man, well that rings partially true for me. I need to eat at regular timings to feel good, it is like the most basic need for me to fulfil.

So, there you-all have it! My three accidental ways that I have lost weight. Maybe this may seem like old news to you, maybe not but hey it worked for me and maybe it could for you as well. Additionally, I do not think that any of the methods mentioned above are unhealthy in any way but please do attempt them if you are keen to do so, all in moderation. Let me know in the comments below of some of the healthy ways you have managed your weight or to stay healthy and if you have tried any of these “accidental ways” and have seen results. I am keen to know! ❤️

With lots of love, Stephanie ❤️

7 thoughts on “3 Accidental Ways I lost Weight

  1. Give yourself some space to relax for sustainability and inspiration.
    Again , you know what is the best for you but seeing other points of view is also enriching …
    God bless grandmad , who used to tell me شاور الف وخالف الف وارجاع لمشورة نفسك …
    It translates to seek the advice of a thousand person and you may disagree with 1 thousand person but return to your inner guidance …


  2. The sleep one is definitely a big one… I have lost weight in the past just from getting sufficient sleep… I guess it was because I wasn’t mindlessly snacking and cause my cortisol levels were lower… all I know is that this pandemic has reversed every good “accidental weight loss” I have ever experienced.

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  3. I lost 50 pounds after eating some of my son’s macaroni and cheese left out all night and ending up in the emergency room of a hospital. I was released after minor treatment but could not eat very much several days afterward.
    I did not plan to lose weight. Nor did I plan to hit the gym and walk on a treadmill, but these things happened together.
    Yes, I too lost weight by accident. But I would not advise others to go the route I took unless they got good insurance to cover the medical expenses! (Only kidding . . .)

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