My Hair Secrets

If you haven’t already know, I am ethnically south asian – basically Indian/ Sri Lankan and I have some personal methods that can help with growing out hair or even reduce balding. I have tested them on myself and those close to me regardless of ethnicity and it worked like magic ✨ (ps: there is always some magic when it comes to us). Anyway, if you are interested to reduce your balding , naturally darkened your hair or even just to improve your overall hair health, naturally of course, well you are just in the right place! These methods have been passed down to me by word of mouth and even through my own research testing so yes attempt them if you are keen, again they are all natural so why not? ❤️

First, why a little history about our hair. Hair is seen as a glory for a women, especially if you are a south indian woman , where this is still predominantly ingrained. Most of the hindu gods and goddesses are spotted with long flowing raven hair and that is a beauty standard that have had withstood the test of time.

The heavily ingrained idea of long, waist-caressing locks amongst women, the untouched dreadlocks of the sadhus and the yogis, the tightly knotted and turbaned tresses of the Sikhs, the tonsured scalps of the widows, Brahmins and monks–all these practices have remained unchanged to a great extent in India, despite the trichological alterations that the country went through in favour of modernityand utility.

Rashi Chauhan

Personally, I have always spotted hip length raven hair (my natural hair is browner and it gets redder when it gets bleached by the sun) , nevertheless, I darkened my hair with black henna or consume curry leaves. It is known to us to consume these leaves overtime to prevent premature greying and even counter the effects of greying. Another, sustainable method of preventing premature greying is to use alma oil . Beware it has this strong smell that could be pleasant to some (me) and downright terrible for others (my mom) but it is a such a powerful oil packed with antioxidants and it helps to reduce pigment loss! Also, it help reduce any scalp infections or any inflammation (great for those who accidentally bleached their scalp while trying to cover their roots).

Now, to ensure that my hair is always shining in this extreme heat and high humidity (a complete recipe for a bad hair day, everyday) where it is basically summer all year round, I ensure my hair always have a boost of keratin with coconut oil. I recommend to do this on the weekends because it will take a couple of washes or a strong conditioner to wash it out. I personally do not use any chemical treatments , just coconut oil for intense hydration and rejuvenation of my hair follicles. I also use castor oil ( which is even more stickier and thicker in consistency) when I really want my hair to have that extra boost. Castor oil is amazing at thickening the hair, reducing bald spots and even repairing a receding hair line. Another method that I do if I want to thicken my hair after a stressful exam ( where my hair tends to fall abit more) , is to crush a couple of onions with a pounder into a bowl, pour three tablespoons of castor oil and rub the mixture into my scalp in circular motions. Onions are great for aiding in hair loss! Provided that you can handle the smell of it on your head and do not go out for a couple of days. I would leave it for at least three hours for a faster effect. It depends on an individual, but for me I could be spotting new baby hairs the next day after using this method.

If you really despise the idea of using oils, I would recommend getting hibiscus powder and doing a shampoo type of wash with it . Leave it on the scalp for at least 45 minutes and wash it out with water preferably. Another method that I have used was to rinse my hair with rose water as it naturally reduces the frizz (high humidity here, goodness gracious) as well as improve the health of my scalp. It feels really clean and smooth, better than any shampoo I have ever bought at the supermarket for real.

Generally here are my 10 hair commandments:

  1. Thou shall not use hot tools if one can help it ( yes, place that hair dryer on the ground and kick it away from you and nobody gets hurt, especially your hair follicles)
  2. Thou shall not use market rubber bands ( honestly, what is the point of taking care of your hair only to put them through the rubber bands used to tie your groceries together, unless you think split ends are a look)
  3. Thou shall not bleach their hair more than twice a year ( ever watched one of Brad Mondo’s bleaching fails , yes, your hair needs a break)
  4. Thou shall not , shall NOT, wear glue in hair extensions or semi permanent hair extensions. Those can stunt hair growth and even encourage hair loss
  5. Thou shall not towel dry their hair (again, if you think that split ends are a look)
  6. Thou shall not use hair spray unless it is a special occasion and the damage is worth it for that one night
  7. Thou shall not use hot water to wash their hair (again , unless you are going for the dry broom’s end kinda look)
  8. Thou shall use protective hairstyles whenever possible
  9. Thou shall make use of fruits and vegetables in their diet or conditioners to boost hair health
  10. Thou shall not wear a mullet (just kidding, though I must admit, I really never liked that look on anybody maybe perhaps on Billy Ray Cyrus)

Anyway, these are my general hacks and tips on how I generally maintain my crazy thick long hair in one of the most hottest and humid places on earth (southeast asia) healthily and simply. I think it is important to have tips that anybody with any income bracket could do, so that it is sustainable over time. Most of these hacks are inspired from my own indian hair recipes and hacks while some are my personal take and experiences. These are super intimate but I felt like sharing on here because I think more may benefit from simple ways of taking care of themselves especially during these times of covid, where it is hard to think of ourselves or to even simply pamper ourselves. Let me know if you are keen to try any of these out down in the comments below and if you did do so, let me know as well! Thank you lovelies for reading! ❤️

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