Know thyself

  1. Do you know what are the things that ignites the fire in your eyes?
  2. Can you easily tell others what are your keen hobbies and passions?
  3. Do you know what are the cornerstone of your morality or faith or even philosophy?
  4. Are you authentic to yourself?
  5. Do you find yourself contented?
  6. Are you able to have your own opinions based on your own research/ analysis or do you find yourself just fumbling for the words or even thoughts to explain your views?

If you can answer yes to most of these, that is awesome because you more or less know yourself. Most people underestimate the importance of knowing themselves and that is so difficult to wrap our heads around. Firstly, let me ask you, can you love someone that you do not truly know? Likewise, you cannot love yourself or even appreciate yourself if you do not know yourself. This leads to so much discontent and even lethargy in being motivated to get up and achieve in life. Let me tell you why you need to study yourself.

Knowing what matters can give you direction about what or whom to pursue or cultivate. Not knowing will leave you unmotivated to invest in projects, studies, passions (you would not know what you are even passionate about) and even relationship(s) – platonic or romantic. Knowing the fundamentals dimensions – spiritually, emotional and physically is so important so that you are in harmony with yourself and then able to extend that to others.

This is a highly critical issue, period. People can take advantage of you because you would not even know your own boundaries and resentment may build up as you may feel disrespected but since you do not know your own emotional demarcation(s) , the people you interact with would not know either. The problem with human nature is that without boundaries, they will keep testing to take more and more. I bet you may have heard this phrase “Give an inch, take a yard.” Human psyche is indeed a wonder. We can subconsciously sniff out if someone does not take ownership of themselves. It is an innate need to have an identity and protect that identity.

On a macro level, it is the reason why we have nations, cultures, flags and borders. One can argue the Platonian reasoning  of the social animal need to be in a community because we are not self sufficient and hence why we have communities, states, countries (yes, yes) but another reason why we need this is because we need an identity, a sense of belonging to others. Knowing thyself is a sense of belonging to you. Hence we need our own boundaries (say border), or own distinct cultures (the way we live)  and language (the way we reason). Without knowing this, you would not have an identity and would not be stable. Any wind can and could sway you, and you would always feel empty.

One of the reasons(s) why I am a fierce critic of people trying to imitate influencer(s) – entertainment one(s) and that is because they are always performing and in a performance both on and off stage. Their whole visual is to keep you engage, enthralled and always looking at them. They do not have much time to be themselves and is always trying to maintain an image to keep people appreciating them. Yes, I am a little firm when it comes to media influencers, because I see most really trying to keep up an image that is not a reality and is not a life worth living (feel free to have your own opinion on that).

Each country has their own set of influencers targeting the different heartstrings of the population – the darling of the ton.  That is fine if your job is an influencer, if you are earning and sponsored (the only benefit I see besides the obvious networking effect) because part of that job description requires that you would constantly need validation from people and in massive statistics. However, if you are anything but an influencer, trying to  please others, or trying to live a life that is not for us or trying to join the bandwagon and get swayed by the masses is not really the life one ought to strive to live. I believe a life that is well-thought out, highly reflective and inspiring to yourself  would inspire those around you by default when your authentic self-reigns.  

You just decide what your values are in life and what you are going to do, and then you feel like you count, and that makes life worth living. It makes my life meaningful.

Annie Lennox

8 thoughts on “Know thyself

  1. All is one and one is all in oneness of being. Separation is an illusion in the uni-verse ( one verse or one life ).We are different forms or different versions of the same divine spirit omnipresent…

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