To be a simple girl – A boon or a bane?

Firstly, what is the definition of a simple girl? To me it is to be genuine and not trying to appear to have the “ideal” life. It is not to jump onto the social media bandwagon and show that I am interesting or out there living the best life there is to live. It is just simply being present in “my world” and the lives of those in my world as well as keeping the intimates parts of my life , well intimate and away from the eyes of the people that I do not share such a connection.

A simple girl as uncomplicated as she seems is an engima to most. She does not want attention , she wants peace. Even if she wants attention, she only want it from those in her intimate circle ( it is a private kind of attention). She is not into following the latest trends on fashion week , she has her own style that is modern or not yet it is truly hers. She has no need to overtly display her body in order to gain “likes”. We all know that social media is programmed in a way to reward us with dopamine – a chemical rewarded with pleasure , everytime we get a “like” . It has fueled a plethora of instagram models or aspiring ones at least to engaged in self photography in the most raunchiest of manners (there is a difference between classy and downright vulgar, you really do not need me to elaborate). I am also conscious about such things, because I am concerned that if I were to have children one day and they were to see such images of my person , I just would not know where to hide my face. Again , if that is your thing , sure go ahead.

A simple girl knows she is being duped by social media if she were to engaged in such trends, and that this type of attentions if not fleetingly temporary , is also highly damaging to her body image. It is one of the reason(s) for high levels of depression and low confidence among young people. Everyone seems to be living the best lives, with the best bodies, with the best experiences and it makes the average joe (which is mostly everyone including those pushing out such an image) feel that they are not yet “living”.

A simple girl truly just want happiness, and peace with her intimate circle. She does not need to prove herself to anyone even if she is into someone. She will not change herself for anyone or anything , she love her hobbies, she is able to answer you without hesitating what her goals, priorities, and belief system are. You cannot buy her heart with materials, maybe with a smile or two. A simple girl is the definition of an individual; an oxymoron when you think about it because the opposite of a simple girl , also wishes to be an indivdual. The trend is to be an individual but if it is a trend then it cannot be an individualistic framework to work on oneself to be the best version of themselves for themselves.

A simple girl wants to be the best version to herself and not to others. She wants to be happy for herself and want to live for herself and to better the lives of those in “her world”.

However, the simple girl gets easily mistaken and misunderstood.They may not seem flashy, they may not seem “hip” and all that. She may not always get mass attention but she will get the right attention from people who are able to see her high value. It is hard to be a simple girl in a world full of everyone trying to be anything but simple. Simple is not boring. Simple is inspiring, gentle and peaceful. A simple life appeals to me. It may not be for everyone and not all may agree with me and that is fine but for me it is more than enough. I just want to be myself – simple.

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