November 3rd Prediction(s) Part 2 by Erich Fratter

Now, if you haven’t already read the previous blog post about the November 3rd predictions by Erich Fratter, I highly suggest that you do so here. Erich is an articulate and adroit writer who has his very own blog “leggeremente”, with a focus on the current affairs with regards to America as well as on international cooperation. It is one of my favourite blogs on current affairs and a lens into world agendas, because of its light and eloquent touch that always keeps his readers engaged.

Besides that, he also shares some personal thoughts, memories and reflections that is an absolute breath of fresh air to read them from time to time! His blog is in Italian (because he is one) however you may use the translate page option at the top (a world icon). It is truly just the same experience! This post is about his predictions via a video of November 3rd which is the 59th quadrennial election day in the US.

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If you do not know much about it, it is a day where voters would select their presidential electors, who will then have to vote in December 14th to either elect a new president or to re-elect the current president Donald Trump and Vice President, Mike Pence. The first polls close at 6 p.m. in Kentucky and Indiana, and the last don’t close until after midnight (eastern time). Here is the list of when each of the polls closes.

Here are his visual prediction of the election results!


If you want to learn more about such topics and would love to read more discussions by Erich, you may easily follow him on social media, through his Facebook, Instagram & especially his blog! Just click the icons below! You won’t regret it , I am sure of it!

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