The Happiness Tag

I have decided to figure out what makes me happy in my simple day to day life and what better way than to do a tag question list! Firstly, because I do not really know how I should begin asking myself and I think it is essential that we are self-aware and know ourselves intimately, and yes even in the simplest things that makes us happy! Questions for this happiness tag are from if you would like to check it out yourself as well. Grab a hold of that coffee and let’s dive in.

1. What food makes you happy?

Fresh fruits, sweet corn, and soups. I absolutely love soups of all kind especially the classic cream of mushrooms or minestrone

2. What movie makes you happy?

Comic relief family movies are my absolute favorite. I also adore those classic films that are in black and white. It just seems so elegant and poignant.

Pin by blew your conch. on films. | Funny movies, Man movies, Good movies

3. What song makes you happy?

I actually love gospel and the blues. I think I have heard most if not all of the gospel there are out there at this point. Yes, I belong to the era of Don Moen’s famous gospel hits. Most of the songs that I know the chords by heart are from his contemporary worship album “Give Thanks”. Here is one of my favorite song of his.

“Our Father”

Hear our prayer
We are your children and
We’ve gathered here today
We’ve gathered here to pray

Hear our cry, Lord we need your mercy
And we need your grace today
Hear us as we pray

Our father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Our father hear us from heaven
Forgive our sins we pray

Hear our song
As it rises to heaven
May your glory fills the air
As the waters cover the sea

See our heart
And remove anything
That is standing in the way
Of coming to you today

Though we are few
We’re surrounded by many
Who have crossed that river before

And this the song we’ll be singing for ever

Holy is the lord
Holy is the lord
Holy is the lord
Holy is the lord
Holy is the lord…

4. What item of clothing makes you happy?

I am quite simple in my style. I love wearing scarfs and shawls around my neck as oppose to a jacket. I like soft materials that have intricate patterns such as flowers or ribbons. I love bright yet small patterns and the colors I normally don are blue, green and yellow. I like soft button cardigans of a solid color and I always wear a beige pair of heels when I go out for causal events. If it is more dressed up, I would wear my black heel boots.

5. What’s you happiest memory?

Celebrating someone’s birthday and planning for it as well. It felt like my actual birthday to be honest.

6. What beauty product makes you happy?

Tumeric creams. The weather is humid and those creams helps my skin to cool off and reduce any red inflamed skin.

7. What do you do to make yourself feel happier when you’re feeling down?

Submerged myself in reading or find a good well-made movie to indulge in.

8. List 3 random things that make you happy…

Watching concerts with others, watching a movie as well as learning more about cultures in general

9. What is happiness for you?

Peace, stability and a strong mind

10. What is there to be happy about in the world today?

Nature is amazing with all its flora and fauna, and there are so many beautiful animals from a plethora of species to admire and learn about. I also enjoy the art and crafts that an ordinary person does. I think there is so much we can find out about someone from their handywork. The world is diverse and is full of intricate and exotic cultures and I think this diversity adds so much colors and vibrancy to the earth. If everything and everyone is the same, that would be quite dull and mundane.

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